Letter: Bannach an assistant DA, helped set up Child Advocacy Center

Victoria "Vickie" Bannach

Victoria “Vickie” Bannach

To the Editor:

We support Victoria “Vickie” Bannach, who is running for Juvenile Court judge. Vickie is an assistant district attorney and has prosecuted many cases in Juvenile and Criminal Court with hard work, dedication, and compassion.

Vickie is concerned for all children and their families and wants the best outcome for all involved.

She has worked with the county school systems to decrease truancy, helped establish the Anderson County Child Advocacy Center, and is a member of the Anderson County Child Protective Investigative Team. CPIT reviews child abuse cases to guarantee the best placement for the child(ren). [Read more...]

Letter: Of the candidates observed, recommends Hunt

Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt

To the Editor:

My name is Tommy Brooks. I was the first Juvenile Court bailiff and had the honor of serving the citizens of Anderson County in that capacity until my retirement. As bailiff, I had the opportunity of observing most of Anderson County’s attorneys in their responsibilities of advocating for their clients and they were all dedicated in their pursuit.

So, you may think that if I thought all the attorneys were good, why would I choose to recommend a candidate at all? Well, in my opinion, of all the good candidates I have had the good fortune to observe, Brian Hunt is the candidate I wholeheartedly recommend for Juvenile Court judge.

Tommy Brooks


Letter: Hunt can listen, respond with facts supported by law

Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt

To the Editor:

It’s not every day that one has the opportunity to praise and uphold a member of our community. That is why I choose this particular time of the year to recommend Brian Hunt, one of our most outstanding citizens of Anderson County, as our next juvenile judge.

I have worked closely with Brian over the past five years as he dedicated himself to providing legal counsel and representation for my homebound families. Without Brian’s assistance, they would have had no recourse and no real “voice” in the legal arena. Although Brian may appear to be a man of few words, I can assure you that his words were sacred in the lives of those who entrusted him for representation. [Read more...]

Guest column: Open primaries mean voters can choose which primary to vote in

Myron Iwanski

Myron Iwanski

Comments I have heard regarding the upcoming election indicate some confusion about who can vote in this primary.

The election is a primary to determine who the Democratic and Republican candidates will be for countywide offices in Anderson County. This is an “open primary,” which means a voter does not register as a Democratic or Republican and can choose to vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary.

While most seeking countywide offices in Anderson County run as a party candidate, most residents I have talked to vote for who they believe are the best candidates for Anderson County—no matter the party.

It is puzzling how in national elections the percentage of registered voters voting in Anderson County is much higher than in local elections like those coming up in May and August. In the last presidential election, 60 percent of registered voters in Anderson County (29,283 of 49,169 eligible) voted. However in the last local county primary election, only 17 percent of registered voters (7,765 of 46,186) voted. [Read more...]

Letter: Hunt the wise choice for Juvenile Court judge

Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt

To the Editor:

The upcoming primary elections offer us an opportunity to select a very well-qualified candidate for the Juvenile Court judge position. Brian Hunt brings integrity, discipline, dedication, a commitment to public service, and human warmth to this critical role. The importance of a person of Brian’s character for a position that both protects children and intervenes when young people err cannot be overstressed.

Young people too often suffer at the hands of those who should protect and care for them. The Juvenile Court judge guarantees that such suffering stops and a more secure and loving environment is provided. The judge can guarantee that parents receive the assistance better to meet their children’s welfare, as well as supervising and assuring that foster care and adoptions are appropriate and well-placed, monitored, and supported. For children at risk, the Juvenile Court judge is a refuge for children who otherwise have few other resources. [Read more...]

Letter: Applauds Biloski’s plan to set up community outreach for youth

To the Editor:

Lauren Biloski, candidate for Juvenile Court judge, is running against some good competition but nonetheless stands head and shoulders above her competition.

Lauren is by far the most experienced of all the candidates, having practiced law in almost all of the areas a juvenile judge will preside over.

But more than that, Lauren Biloski has a plan. Her plan addresses the root causes of juvenile delinquency: the family. Using interagency cooperation and getting to the root of the family issues will have a positive impact on the young people of Anderson County. [Read more...]

Letter: Former Sheriff White endorses Lay in Republican primary

Bill White Endorses Anthony Lay

Pictured in back row from left to right are Terry Hodge, treasurer for the Anthony Lay campaign; Clyde Cook, gun doctor, Clinton business owner; Lynn Byrge, Oak Ridge business owner, and Joe Walker, local 25-year state police officer). Pictured in front from left to right are Mary Jane White, wife of former sheriff Bill White; Lay, a Republican candidate for Anderson County sheriff; and Bill White. (Submitted photo)

Former Republican Sheriff Bill White and his wife Mary Jane White have endorsed candidate Anthony Lay for sheriff in the Republican primary election in Anderson County on May 6, a press release said.

“I have known Anthony for several years and feel he is the best qualified candidate for the office of sheriff,” White said in the press release.

Bill and Mary Jane ask the voters of Anderson County to cast their vote for Anthony Lay on May 6 in the Republican primary, the release said.

Guest column—Happy 75th anniversary, Batman: I owe you

Legends of the Knight

A movie poster for “Legends of the Knight,” which will be screened at the Historic Grove Theater on April 27 to benefit ADFAC.

On March 30, Batman turned 75. That same day, our church celebrated a 24th birthday and a 10-year anniversary of having moved into the Grove Theater. The irony of it hit me like a ton of bricks because many of the seeds that led me to become a minister were, strangely enough, planted throughout the pages of my childhood comic books.

Batman has had his share of ups and downs over the years. From the most campy television programming imaginable in the 60s, to witnessing Robin bludgeoned to death by the Joker in the 80s, to actually dying and being resurrected a few short years ago…I’ve managed to stay with the Dark Knight through his many twists and turns. At age 45, perhaps I should have outgrown it all, but I haven’t.

The truth is I owe my childhood heroes a pretty huge debt. They instilled in me at a very early age the belief that truth and justice were not just abstract forces in the world, but that they could be shared and experienced with enough effort and courage. At a time when it felt like the world was growing more cynical and afraid, I came to believe that honest people could really make a difference—that good really could win out in the end. The stories of my childhood were saturated with hope.

Moving through ministry for about two decades now, I almost always find that I arrive back where I started. I find that, fundamentally, hope is a life-blood running through the veins of healthy people. I find that fear, doubt, and cynicism are toxins that course through the bodies of the most unhealthy. I also discover that I am not immune to any of it. I experience these poisons too, times when I wonder if I shouldn’t just hang my hat and choose another profession in despair over our human condition. [Read more...]

Letter: Biloski has temperament, experience, open mind for judge seat

To the Editor:

We are writing to request your support for Lauren Biloski for the next Juvenile Court judge of Anderson County. Every vote is important for Anderson County as the last election for Juvenile Court judge ended in a tie that had to be decided by County Commission.

We believe Lauren to be an experienced, passionate advocate for children’s rights. She is running on a platform of protecting children and preserving families. She has the most experience of any candidate in the race. She will strive to have a positive impact on the children who reach the judicial system in this county.

Lauren has the temperament, experience, and open mind to serve as Juvenile Court judge.

Tom and Lila Metcalf

Oak Ridge

Letter: Biloski committed to community, can make constructive changes

To the Editor:

In the upcoming May election, I will be voting for Lauren Biloski, Republican candidate for juvenile judge.

This seat, which is being vacated by our present juvenile judge, is vitally important to several quality-of-life issues for so many families in Anderson County. We need to make sure we elect the best person to fill this position. I have known Lauren and her family for many years in Oak Ridge. Lauren graduated from Oak Ridge Schools, came back to our community to practice family law, and has extensive experience in assisting families with a variety of difficult issues. [Read more...]

Letter: Capt. Hunt an ‘excellent choice’ for juvenile judge

To the Editor:

I have supervised Capt. Brian Hunt in the U.S. Army Reserve 139th Legal Operations Detachment (LOD) for the past two years. I serve as a team leader for a team of attorneys and paralegals. I have been a licensed attorney for 13 years and an Army Reserve officer for over 20 years, including nine years on active duty. Capt. Hunt is a judge advocate (military attorney) assigned to my team.

Since joining the 139th LOD, Capt. Hunt has served in an exemplary manner. He has done extremely well at all soldier skills, including physical fitness training and weapons qualification, as well as attorney skills. He was assigned by our detachment commander to manage the medical readiness program for the unit and has done exceptionally well in ensuring unit soldiers receive the proper medical examinations and vaccinations in a timely manner. Thanks to his management of the program, our unit medical readiness is the best in the Legal Command. [Read more...]

Letter: Urges voters to support Biloski for juvenile judge

To the Editor:

We would like to urge Anderson County voters to support Lauren Biloski for Juvenile Court judge in the upcoming election.

Lauren is an Oak Ridge resident and a graduate of Oak Ridge High School. After graduating in 2003 from the University of Tennessee, she obtained her juris doctorate degree from Indiana University’s School of Law in 2006.

Lauren’s dedication to children and families is noteworthy. While in law school, Lauren was a volunteer for Child Advocates Inc., an organization providing child-focused representation to every child in Indianapolis suffering from abuse or neglect, as well as for Peyton’s pals, a program established by Peyton Manning to provide children in foster care with necessities including clothing and computers for school. [Read more...]