Guest column: Diversity in proximity—an aesthetic approach to urban architecture

I’m very glad there is positive forward movement on redevelopment of the Oak Ridge Mall. However, I feel that the current layout proposed will fall far short of the ideal design, one that will best do what Oak Ridge wants it to.

I recently returned from my honeymoon through the Carolinas and Georgia, and along the way it dawned on me precisely what elements are in play regarding our gut “feelings” about downtown shopping, dining, and nightlife architecture—what makes one place more appealing than another. [Read more...]

ORAU named a Best Diversity Company by readers of Diversity/Careers magazine

Oak Ridge Associated Universities Building MC-100

Oak Ridge Associated Universities has been named a Best Diversity Company for 2013 by the readers of Diversity/Careers magazine. (Photo courtesy ORAU)

Organization receives the honor for four consecutive years

Oak Ridge Associated Universities has been named a Best Diversity Company for 2013 by the readers of Diversity/Careers magazine. ORAU was one of only four organizations to be ranked as a diversity leader in the “research” category and one of 94 organizations to be ranked highest overall.

“Over the years, ORAU has evolved from an organization of people who accept diversity into one that embraces it,” said ORAU President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Page. “Not only have we embraced a culture of diversity in the workplace, but we have extended that commitment into all facets of our business operations including significant minority and female participation in our science education programs, targeted small business subcontracting partnerships, and community-based outreach.” [Read more...]

Letter: Vanderbilt professor calls for diversity, religious freedom, political involvement

Carol M. Swain

Carol M. Swain

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Knox County and meeting with some of the city’s movers and shakers. I was particularly impressed by the patriotism and faith of the people who attended an event hosted by Rep. John Ragan.

My presence in Rep. John Ragan’s district was to share with the community ideas and themes from my book, “Be the People: A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise.”

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