Faith column: Building on the firm foundation of spiritual gifts

The new mindset compared to the old way of thinking

Have you checked your thinking closet lately? What old ways and what new ways are going on all around you? The struggle with many people is: What are the old ways that I want to keep, and what are the new ways I want to accept.

Jesus noticed the problem and used a parable of wine skins to illustrate his point. (Luke 5:33-39) He understood. He knew the reality of change. He fought against some of the need for change that he was bringing himself.

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‘In God We Trust’ motto proposed on Anderson County Courthouse

Terry Frank

Terry Frank

Pastors at about 50 churches in Anderson County have asked to put the motto “In God We Trust” on the Anderson County Courthouse in Clinton, the county mayor said in a report to county commissioners.

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank said that putting the motto on the courthouse wouldn’t cost the county anything. Instead, it would be funded by donations from churches, businesses, and individuals, she said.

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Guest column: Faith community helps residents

House of Worship Vaction Bible School

Children attend Vacation Bible School at the House of Worship in Oak Ridge in July. (Photo submitted by Myra Mansfield)

The faith community in Oak Ridge, an often overlooked influence and support structure, is comprised of about 50 churches and another dozen nonprofit organizations through which people come together on a regular basis for spiritual encouragement, acts of service, and relationship development. People spend both their time and their finances to build strength in their personal lives, within their families, and for the Oak Ridge community at large. This translates into greater overall health for the entire community.

Despite the economic slump, churches and helping organizations have continued to serve the community, and organizational growth has taken place over the last several years. New helping organizations have developed. Churches have constructed new facilities, remodeled existing facilities, and relocated in ways that caused vacated church buildings to become occupied again.

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