Most stations had no gas or limited supplies on Wednesday evening

Most gas pumps were closed at the Kroger fuel center on Tuesday evening, May 11, 2021. (Photo by John Huotari/Oak Ridge Today)

Most gas stations in Oak Ridge had either no gas to sell or had limited supplies on Wednesday evening.

Oak Ridge Today counted seven stations that had no gas to sell between about 7 and 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Four others appeared to be operating with some limits. Eddie Hair gas station had a $25 purchase limit. The Food City gas station said it had no regular and mid-grade fuel, while Weigel’s on South Illinois Avenue said it had only unleaded gas and diesel. The Shell gas station at Oak Ridge Turnpike and Jefferson had only regular fuel (87 octane).

The Mobil gas station on Oak Ridge Turnpike, across from Food City, appeared to be operating normally.

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Gas sells for less than $2 per gallon in Clinton, Anderson County

Git 'N Go Gas Station in Clinton

Gas was selling for $1.98 per gallon at several stations near Interstate 75 on State Route 61 in Clinton on Thursday, including at this Git ‘N Go Market, right, and at a BP station, left, across the street.


Gas was selling for less than $2 per gallon at several gas stations in Clinton and Anderson County on Thursday.

At least three gas stations near Interstate 75 and State Route 61 in Clinton were selling regular unleaded gasoline for $1.98 per gallon. Several other gas stations in Anderson County along SR 61, which turns into Oak Ridge Turnpike in Oak Ridge, were also selling fuel for $1.98. [Read more…]