Spotlight: Andersonville students tell what they would do if they were mayor

Andersonville Students Mayor Artwork

Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank stands beside the artwork done by 2nd graders at Andersonville Elementary. The artwork was on display through April 11 at the Courthouse in Clinton. (Photo courtesy of Anderson County government)

CLINTON—Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank recently displayed the reports and artwork of the second-grade classes of Amy Ogle and Jamie Linkes from Andersonville Elementary School. After a recent visit by the mayor as part of the second grade’s focus on government, the students worked on a project where they talked about what they would do if they were mayor. “I promised the students I would post their reports if their teachers brought them to me,” Frank said. “I’m excited Ms. Ogle brought their reports and artwork so we (could) share them with folks here in the Courthouse. I had a wonderful time sharing question and answer time with the students. [Read more…]