AC man accidentally shoots own hand

Information from WYSH Radio

An Anderson County man accidentally shot himself in the hand Sunday night when he tried to force the wrong caliber of ammunition into his pistol.

Carlie Indmon Phillips, 45, sustained the wound Sunday night at a home on Hillbilly Way and was taken to Methodist Medical Center for treatment of an injury to his left index finger, according to an Anderson County Sheriff’s Department report.

Phillips had been called to his sister’s nearby home by his sister, who thought she had seen a prowler on the property. He grabbed his .357 Magnum revolver and went to her house but had no ammunition for the gun. His sister gave him .38 caliber ammo, and when he tried to force the round into the weapon by tapping it with his pocketknife, the round went off, striking him in the hand.

No charges will be filed in Sunday’s accidental shooting.

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  • Helen Standifer

    Yes, let’s give everyone guns whether they know how to use them or not!!!! This is comical, if there really was a prowler, he would have killed them both before this joker shot his finger off.

  • Mike johnson

    Okay, this story makes no sense unless they got the facts wrong. What is a .38 caliber ammo? A 38 special is a type of ammo as is 380 auto. They are both 35 caliber just like the 357 or 9mm. If the guy had a 357 revolver it would shoot 38 special. So, it must NOT have been a 38 special cartridge he tried to force into the cylinder. Now, if it were a 38 special revolver and he tried to put a 357 in it, it would not fit. This is probably what happened and the facts of the story are mixed up.
    You can shoot 38 special out of a 357 revolver but, you can’t shoot 357 out of a 38 special revolver. The 357 cartridge is a bit longer than the 38 special.

  • johnhuotari

    Ben Smith,

    I’ve tried sending you an e-mail at the address you used to register to comment, but the e-mail has bounced back. Can you call me when you have a chance at (865) 951-9692?

    Thank you,


  • Dave Smith

    From the byline it appears that this article has been posted on ORT for more than a week, but it just now caught my attention due to the flurry of recent comments.

    Does anyone find it at least slightly humorous that the person harmed “sustained the wound Sunday night at a home on Hillbilly Way”?

    • johnhuotari


      Yes, other people have picked up on that as well. A link to this story was posted on Talking Points Memo, and I think they also found some humor in the street name.

      If I recall correctly, Hillbilly Way is off Walden Ridge Road, to the right just after you turn off Dutch Valley Road.

  • johnhuotari


    See the comment below. I’ve tried e-mailing you but have been unable to get through. Can you call me at (865) 951-9692?

    Thank you,


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