DOE inspector finds no evidence of cheating, but questions testimony

Federal investigators found no evidence that WSI Oak Ridge tried to cheat on a test at the Y-12 National Security Comple this summer, but they also questioned the credibility of contractors who testified that there was no intent to cheat.

A copy of the test was found in a WSI Oak Ridge patrol vehicle on Aug. 29, one day before it was scheduled to be given to security guards. It was part of an inspection by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Health, Safety and Security that followed the July 28 security breach at Y-12.

In a special report this month, U.S. Department of Energy Inspector General Gregory H. Friedman said the test, as well as answers to test questions, had been distributed to many WSI Oak Ridge employees, including captains, lieutenants, and security police officers, “the very people whose knowledge was to have been evaluated.” At best, Friedman said, the transmission, review, and distribution of the test demonstrated a lack of due care and negligence.

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B&W Y-12 notifies WSI Oak Ridge of possible contract termination

WSI Oak Ridge could lose its security contract at the Y-12 National Security Complex if it doesn’t take action to address recent security concerns, B&W Y-12 announced Tuesday.

WSI received a notice of a potential contract termination “for default” on Aug. 31, two days after an unspecified Aug. 29 “on-site personnel incident” that allegedly involved a WSI staff member. However, B&W Y-12 didn’t provide more details in a press release it sent out Tuesday.

“At no time during the personnel incident was there risk to the Y-12 employees, community, or to the special nuclear materials,” the release said.

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Special agent says Y-12 intruders entered from north, cut fences, activated alarms

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Three activists opposed to nuclear weapons pose with banners before their July 28 arrests at the Y-12 National Security Complex. From left to right, the three are Michael R. Walli, Megan Rice, and Greg Boertje-Obed. (Submitted photo)

The three anti-nuclear weapons activists arrested in a high-security area at the Y-12 National Security Complex on July 28 allegedly entered from the north, crossed Bear Creek Road, cut through fences, and activated numerous alarms and sensors before they reached a uranium storage building, according to criminal complaints available online today.

The three activists—Greg Boertje-Obed, Megan Rice, and Michael R. Walli—first crossed a boundary fence near the North Patrol Road on the north ridge of Y-12, U.S. Department of Energy Inspector General Special Agent Eric Dugger wrote in an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Knoxville on Friday. That fence has “No Trespassing” signs posted, he said.

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Trespassers deface building at Y-12 National Security Complex

Three people were detained at the Y-12 National Security complex early this morning after they trespassed and defaced a building, possibly as a protest, a spokesman said.

The alleged incident occurred at about 4:30 a.m. Saturday, federal spokesman Steven Wyatt said in a statement.

The three people, who have not been identified, will be transported to an off-site facility for arrest and processing under federal trespassing charges, Wyatt said, although he wasn’t sure where they would be taken.

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